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GPF Introduction

“This new name represents the most visible part of a vast project, and we are determined to continue offering our clients the services that this company has always provided, while forging even closer relationships, so that their real estate assets are at the centre of our concerns.


Our practical knowledge and expertise of the profession sets us apart.”


José Exposito, Manager.


Jean Simonin founded the eponymous estate agency Jean Simonin. The company quickly gained in-depth experience, notably in the management of co-owned properties (propriétés par étages), in accordance with the particularities of real estate in Geneva. Over the decades, Jean Simonin made his company a great success, and it quickly established an excellent reputation in its field. He was joined by his son, Gérard, who took up the reins of the company. In turn, Gérard Simonin maintained the company’s high level of success. Gérard himself then approached prospective buyers in preparation for his retirement.


This was the year when Mr Simonin met Flavio Brisotto and José Exposito. In order to pursue new business interests, while keeping up with the company’s original activities, it was agreed that another legal entity should be created under the name Simonin Partenaire Immobilier SA. This company would add new sectors to its original portfolio: real estate expertise, creation of housing cooperatives and giving owners the possibility of accessing the accounts for their building(s) directly from the comfort of their homes via the internet.


Following Mr Simonin’s decision to withdraw from the business to enjoy his well deserved retirement, and to face the new challenges that will arise in the future, Flavio Brisotto and José Exposito changed the company’s name into:  GPF Gestion de Patrimoine Foncier SA. This company is committed to facing the future by providing new services in the field of real estate management, while maintaining its original expertise and building on a 70-year history.


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